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V-Day Gift Guide for each Myer-Briggs Personality Type

Written by Fiona Wai

· Love,MBTI

ISFP – Vintage Record Player

The ISFP loves gifts that are unique and unexpected but also personal – and music provides the ultimate personal experience for this type. Make sure you include a few records that are either significant to the two of you, or that you can honestly claim remind you of them.

INTP - A Wallet

Your INTP isn’t interested in collecting novelty gifts that they’re just going to throw out two months down the road. So this Valentine’s day, get them a high-quality upgrade of something they actually use ​everyday, like a wallet. As unsexy as this gift may seem to you, to the INTP, useful gifts are the most romantic gifts of all.

ISTP – A Hammock

Show your ISTP that you respect their wild, independent streak by gifting them with a hammock that can be used on a solo trip or strung between two pillars for a lazy day at home. You’re buying them freedom and yourself a great place to relax.

ESTP – Battery-charging Backpack

ESTPs are suckers for innovative new pieces of technology – but someone who’s on the go as often as they ​are scarcely has time to charge it all. What’s better than a backpack that doubles as a charging device for the adventurous ESTP in your life? They can recharge while they’re off hiking or exploring – combining their love of efficient technology with their love of being on the go.

INFP – Customised, Hipster Bookshelves

INFPs are die-hard romantics at heart – so for Valentine’s Day this year, get them a gift that shows you appreciate their imaginative nature. Install stunning, customized bookshelves somewhere in their space, and then line the shelves with classic love poems. Leave tiny notes expressing what you love about them in the pages – you’ll win their heart AND give them a cool new spot to stash their literature.

ENFP – Retro World Map Canvas

Being explorers at heart, ENFPs are always dreaming of where to go or what to do next. Fuel their grandiose, wanderlust ways by gifting them with a larger than life world map. They can dreamily gaze at it over their morning coffee – and then excitedly text you about all the new trips they’re planning on taking with you.

ESTJ – A Classic Timepiece

Your ESTJ isn’t interested in any gifts they won’t use – so give them what they truly want this year with a timepiece that’s as practical as it is classy. Quality is important to this high-rolling type and they’ll appreciate that you invested in something they can treasure for years to come.

ENTP – A Microbrewery Kit

There’s nothing an ENTP loves more than finding fun shortcuts in their environments and manipulating them to their advantage. This Valentines’, provide them a fun new project that will allow them to create their own product. Once they inevitably turn the project it into an entrepreneurial venture, they’ll have you to thank.

ESFP – A Massage Package

ESFPs are incredibly sensual people – who secretly love being pampered. Treat them to an intimate, relaxing massage that brings the two of you closer together, and they’ll love you to the moon and back.

ISTJ – High Quality Sheets

ISTJs are mercilessly practical – they don’t want anything low quality or useless. So this year, get them something that they’ll definitely use every night by investing in a pair of high quality sheets. They’ll appreciate your practicality and with great sheets comes great sleep, and happy relationships.

ENTJ – A Bluetooth-Enabled Rain Showerhead

ENTJs are ruthlessly efficient – their lives are one giant game of one-upping themselves. This year, beat your ENTJ at their own game by providing them with a showered that allows them to make and take phone calls while they’re rinsing. You’ll revolutionize their bathing routine by providing them with one more opportunity to stay ahead of the pack

ESFJ – An Adorable Waffle Maker

Your ESFJ is constantly taking care of you. This Valentine’s Day, return the favour by preparing them a romantic breakfast in bed, complete with lovely heart shaped waffles. They’ll enjoy the unexpected surprise and you can leave the waffle maker at their place – giving them the opportunity to delight visiting friends and family members with a heartfelt homemade breakfast.

ENFJ – The ‘What I love about you” Journal​

Your ENFJ is constantly affirming what they love about you – and they secretly wish you’d do the same! Give them a massive dose of validation with this journal that details exactly what it is that you love about them – they may get choked up in the moment but rest assured they’ll treasure and pour over it relentlessly for years to come.

INFJ – The Bucket List Journal​

Whether or not they communicate it to you, your INFJ is constantly visualizing your future together. Give them a place to organize their thoughts with a journal. They’ll delight in the opportunity to cross items off of the list and to consistently add more. Make sure you add in some activities you’d like to do with them before handing the journal over – they’ll be touched by the thought you’ve put into it and it will make those activities feel that much more special once you get to them.

ISFJ - A Personalised Photo Box

There’s nothing your ISFJ loves more than reflecting on the happy experiences you’ve shared as a couple. Compile them all in one place by filling a personalized photo box with your favorite memories of your time together. They’ll be touched by the care you put into the gift and will enjoy adding to it as the years go on.

INTJ – A Cordless Heated Jacket

Your INTJ isn’t interested in exchanging gifts that don’t serve a purpose – so this Valentine’s Day, surprise them with a present that is unexpectedly efficient! A heat-controlled jacket will keep them the perfect temperature all year round. They’ll be impressed with the product’s ingenuity and you can put a romantic spin on it by pointing out that they’ll only need the jacket when you aren’t there to keep them warm.

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