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What your New Year Resolution should be based on your MBTI.

Written by Fiona Wai

· MBTI,New Year Resolutions,Self Improvement

At the beginning of each year we say things like we’ll start doing this, or stop doing that. But more often than not our plans get dashed even before January ends.

Some say it’s due to ambition without resolve, while others blame it on how plans are not built to last anyway. Whatever it is, now that the dust has settled and people are back to normal activities, the time is right to consider the year ahead.

Here’s some resolutions that you should consider making, based on your personality type:


To allow yourself to take breaks even when you haven’t completed your tasks.


To sometimes put your needs before others.


To freak people out less by revealing you know what they’re thinking.


To try to explain the ideas in your head even when people are too dim to appreciate them.


To express positive emotions to those nearest and dearest to you. Not too often though.


To blow your own trumpet more, and remember that you have unique gifts and talents too.


To let people know what you’re thinking. At least once this year.


To not be too hard on yourself for not living up to your values.


To think things through before you act, starting NOW.


To party less, at least during the week. Or maybe just on Fridays.


To make less than 12 New Year resolutions and keep at least one of them.


To not play devil’s advocate all the time. Or do you?


To be more tactful when getting others to work on your ideas.


To chat less and be less worried about what others think


To know that it’s okay to only save a few people out of the entire world.


To bear with people with stoicism, if there’s a good reason to do so.

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