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  • People Mastery for Sales

    Master the Prospect, Master Salesmanship

    Sales Training that gets results.

    A lot of sales training fails for one reason: they fail to take into consideration practical realities.


    While a lot of sales techniques or tactics are good, they tend not to work in real life because of 1) the personality of the salesperson and 2) the personality of the prospect. As a result, salespeople attend training that sounds good in theory but fail at practice.

    People Mastery for Sales is a revolutionary look at the sales process.

    People Mastery for Sales focuses on the psychology of the prospect - because each prospect is unique. This means that their buying behaviors and thought processes are different.


    This means that salespeople need differing sales processes, and not just one standardized process. Yes, no two sales are done alike!

  • The People Mastery System

    Using a proven framework for training and coaching salespeople for success.


    Understanding Differing Client Psychology


    Distinguishing Client's Buying Behavior


    Delivering the Sales Proposal Effectively

  • Mastering this means turning customers to lifelong clients.

    Students who have attended this program learn the skill to turn any prospect and customer into a lifelong client that will give them a constant stream of referrals.


    They no longer have to chase prospects one after another. Instead, they learn how to make clients fall in love with them, so that they will no longer have competition.

    Join these organizations and individuals who have benefited greatly from the program!

    Citibank Singapore

    DBS Ltd
    Bankers and Managers

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    Participants will:

    • Become confident when facing clients, understanding their spoken and unspoken needs quickly.
    • Develop the ability to turn customers into lifelong clients and even fans!
    • Handle any objection confidently and never be lost at how to move the sale to the close. 


    This course is typically run from 9 AM - 5 PM over 2 days.


    However, customizing the program is possible. If you are representing an organization with a specific need, write to us in the contact


    Ethan Lin Yihan

    Founder, Personality Central
    Creator of the People Mastery System

    • Certified MBTI© Practitioner
    • BBM, BAcc, Cum Laude, Singapore Management University
    • Certified ACTA by Workforce Development Agency
    • Founder of www.personality-central.com, with over 100,000 unique monthly visitors
    • Clients include prominent firms like DBS, Citibank, AIA, Prudential and AXA.
    • Featured in Asian Entrepreneur, 8 Days, Lianhe Wanbao, I-Weekly and Gold 90.5 FM and 93.8 FM Live
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