• Discover How to Read, Serve and Close the
    4 Personality Types!

    with People Mastery for Sales


    With increasing options available to the average buyer, sales in the 21st century have become more challenging Right now, customers have more power as they have unrivaled access to the world wide web.


    The sales pitch has evolved. With more information, consumers now demand more customized products and services. Many salespeople still commit the error of using a standardized pitch for all their clients.


    It is no surprise that they are falling behind. Is that you?


    You can sell and persuade all you want; sometimes it just won't work. You have no idea what your clients are thinking. You have no clue what they are thinking as you are presenting. You don't know what is important to them, and what isn't. Here's what you can do:


    The People Mastery System empowers you to CLOSE YOUR PROSPECTS, GET BIGGER DEALS and GAIN GREATER TRUST. It does so with a simple three step system.

    Personality Profiling Singapore


    Discover what makes your prospects tick!

    Speed Reading Sales Training


    Profile your clients' hot buttons in under 5 minutes

    Sales Training Singapore


    Increase your sales by up to 300% with these strategies!

  • Course Details


    The course intends to:

    • Help salespeople discover the unique psychology of their clients
    • Be equipped with the ability to profile their clients
    • Adopt the best sales practices to win long term clients!


    After the course, you will be able to:

    • Identify the unique values and hot buttons of your clients.
    • Develop effective rapport with your prospects.
    • Increase your sales by up to 300% with the unique sales strategies!


    Here's what you need to know...

    • For best results, we recommend that you go with our 2-Day Program complete with learning activities
    • Our course is WDA Approved and SkillsFuture Eligible
    • Contact Us for Corporate Rates if you have 10 pax or more
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