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Do Millennials have issues having a proper sales conversation?

By Ethan Lin, Founder Personality Central

· Sales,Millenial

At least, that was what a sales manager said to me in frustration.

To be honest, he wasn't far off from being a millennial as well. He was 35.

Yet, there was a significant difference, he quipped, between his generation and the people in their 20s now - his new recruits into the sales industry.

That was a surprising insight to me when I first heard it.

But when I reflected about this statement he made, I begun to see why that was the case.

The primary mode of communications with the younger ones are via a screen. FB Youtube comments, Instagram likes, Instastory responses, Whatsapp messages.

These are the primary ways the world interacts now. Nothing wrong with that. It is what it is.

People can sometimes making damning remarks about how things are like so wrong, and so disconnected, but I think it's more useful to accept reality as it is.

But herein lies the challenge for most - most of the A-clients, most of the High Net Worth grew up and communicated in a world where a phone call, a live meet up, would be much more preferable over an impersonal text or message.

The live interaction, the conversations - those are the keys to success for any salesperson worth their salt.

So, there's the disadvantage for millennial salesperson right there - we adapted the internet, but the younger ones were born into it.

We are asking them to learn a communication medium of time past. And naturally, it's going to take a little longer for them to pick up this skill they were supposed to do so at a much younger age.

Of course, the world will eventually come to a place where even the affluent clients prefer to use these new-age channels to communicate, but till then, those who choose to learn the 'old methods' of calling, meeting up in person, are going to have the clear advantage in selling.