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The Best Type of Marketing and Sales

The secret to getting people to talk about your product again and again.

· Marketing

Have you ever bought a product that is marketed really well, beautiful graphics, celebrity endorsements and all, and yet be disappointed by the product?

I'm not sure about you, but in the business world today, especially with the rise of digital marketing, there has been a lot of investments from companies into marketing agencies who can market their services online.

Marketers are shouting out loud about why people need to learn marketing and sell your services harder, spend more dollars. It is understandable from their perspective. After all, it is their rice bowl. They make money when you spend on marketing.

Let me just put forth an illustration to you.

Let's say you make this offer on your Facebook wall:

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How many people you think will respond? And how fast will they respond?

Granted, this is an extreme example. But the point I'm trying to make it is this - If your product is outstanding and worth raving about ... your product will market itself. People talk. People refer others. And that's how most business is done - via personal connections, recommendations and referrals.

A salesperson who is outstanding in their field, whether in insurance, property, IT or what not, will always get a stream of referrals. Most of the time, they don't spend any effort marketing themselves because they do such a wonderful job for their clients - and clients will refer their family, friends and other contacts over.

So before you spend that money on doing up a Facebook video series, or start blogging, focus on your core product, which is YOU. How much will people buy you? Because if you are not competent, not likable, it's going to be tough.

Sure, you're going to get your first few referrals from the online effort, but if you can't wow your clients. You're not going to repeat sales, neither are you going to get referrals. It's like a leaking bucket.

So what can you do to upgrade your competency as a salesperson in 2020? Start investing in your growth and development today - that's the best kind of marketing you can do.