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What Drives You?

Do you know what keeps you going?

· Sales,Self Improvement

Being a salesperson is tough.

A salesperson requires high levels of motivation and self-discipline in order to accomplish their success, unlike others in typical employment.

If you're having a bad day at work, it'll be just that. A bad day - it won't affect your income and likely won't affect your bonuses, if you make a good recovery after that.

Not so for salespeople.

Salespeople's income is made from the time they invest in their business, and once the time is lost, there is no more replacing it. If they stop prospecting or selling for a period, it takes double the time to build up that momentum again.

Hence, it is crucial for salespeople to recognized and 'hack' their own motivation.

Motivations are not same for all.

Listening to motivational talks and videos may help for a while to spur you into action for the moment, but if you're like most people, you're back to that unmotivated state in no time.

So it's crucial for us to recognize the hidden forces that drive us - and what motivates us uniquely.

In my training Self-Mastery for Sales, I focus on the four key drives that drive everyone - and how it can make or break you. Here, I'll do a short summary of what they are.

As we're going through these pointers, it's good for you to consider which one is the one that actually spurs you to action.

The Four Key Motivators

1. Security - Desire to find certainty, control and security, especially for loved ones.

2. Freedom - Desire to find freedom, given options and able to live spontaneously.

3. Purpose - Desire to leave a legacy, make a difference in the world and create positive impact in lives.

4. Achievement - Desire to become the best you can be, achieve the highest goals you've set for yourself and stand out from your competitors

'Hack' Your Motivation

Being able to recognize your key motivator is crucial if you want to 'hack' yourself into a motivational state.

For example, if you're driven by Purpose, then monetary incentives don't drive you. You're feeling burned out, even disillusioned because you see no meaning in your work.

Or if you're driven by Security, and you've found that security through maintaining a certain level of income, then no matter what carrot your boss dangles in front of you, you're likely not to be motivated.

So you got to recognize the 'key' that unlocks that power inside you. The key that unleashes your best.

Without it, you're not doing what you need to do, and you don't know why.

Without it, you're not running after the targets you've set for yourself, and you're clueless about why it is so.

To Achieve Sales Mastery, recognizing what drives you is essential.

What drives you?

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