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The 'Healer' Salesperson

Discovering the Strengths and Challenges of the Healer Salesperson

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This article is the third of a 4-part series about the different types of salespeople. In a world of so much information, tips and strategies about selling, it’s crucial to understand your unique shape and make-up as a person. If you can do so, you’ll be clear about how you can grow and develop, and avoid the fads and stop chasing trends that don’t make sense for yourself.

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In this section, we will be looking at the key strengths, and challenges Healer salespeople likely will face.

Healer salespeople are rarer in the traditional sales industries – particularly because they have less interest in the accumulation of income and more interest in making a difference or impact. However, in industries like insurance, Healer salespeople may be slightly higher in numbers, because they believe in making a difference to people through the management of their finances.


Here are some strengths of the Healer salesperson:

  1. Relational

Healer salespeople are naturally relational. They want to build personal relationships with their clients and so spend considerable time on connecting and engaging rather than just get down to business immediately. This is especially useful in selling to the affluent, where relationships play a key role in the closing of a deal. At that level, very few people would do business with strangers, and prefer working with someone they like and trust.

  1. Authentic

Healer salespeople are authentic. They are sincere in their approach and are open about their intentions. They are also open to sharing about their personal challenges and thoughts on issues during a sales process, leading to their clients, trusting them more as well. If they personally do not think a product is good, they will be more inclined to sound it out to the client and offer their truthful opinion. This authenticity can work in their favour as it builds trust with people.

  1. Client-Focused

Being altruistic by nature, Healer salespeople tend to be client-focused. i.e. they watch out for client’s needs instinctively and think of the best products and services that will match the client’s needs. Instead of being product salespeople, Healers naturally adopt the approach of helping people. Clients at the receiving end of this can feel their genuineness and are more likely to take up suggestions from the Healer as they feel this.

Despite these advantages, many Healers do not succeed or live out their potential as salespeople. Usually, it’s because they are unable to overcome their natural weaknesses in dealing with people in a sales setting.

Here are some of the things that hinder their success:

  1. Purpose Driven, not Results Driven

If Healers are aligned in their purpose and their results, then they tend to do really well at selling. In other words, their sales numbers are tied to their deep sense of purpose in their work. In my experience, this is usually rarer than the first scenario, which is misalignment.

What often happens is that the Healer feels a sense of disconnect in what they do and what they believe they are. When such is the case, their performance gets affected. They spend more time considering the ‘whys’ of their work rather than actually doing the work. This may spiral into bad results – and then more doubts about their purpose, leading to them leaving the sales industry altogether.

It doesn’t help that the sales industry focuses much more on results than on purpose or meaning, but such is the nature of business.

  1. Stubborn about their Values

Healers are flexible about many things, but they are really stubborn when it comes to their values. There are certain practices in the sales industry that are more pragmatic, and sometimes tread on the grey line of ethics – such as withholding information, or exaggerating promises.

Healers hate such practices and resist the attempts by their managers who may want them to do such things. Because of this, managers may find Healer salespeople to be stubborn and hard to teach – and may often leave them alone to languish or simply get average results.

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