• The Self-Mastery
    for Sales Workshop

    Essential Training to Accelerate Sales Growth and Development

  • Your Path to Professional Development.

    Become a top performer. Your style.


    Are you finding it hard to close your prospects? Your natural selling style might be helping you… or hurting you.

    All of us have strengths and weaknesses when
    selling to and persuading clients, whether we are aware of it or not. Top salespeople have figured it out through years of on-the-field experiences, heart-breaking rejections and expensive mistakes. And the journey of discovery is unique to each salesperson.

    Each salesperson’s professional development
    path is going to be different from another. Instead of chasing the next guru or the next fad to get it right, there’s a better way.

    Self-Mastery for Sales cracks the code for personal sales development.

    By focusing on each salesperson’s unique
    psychology, this program equips the salesperson with a unique path to growth and development.

    By being aware of self, salespeople can become
    confident not to ‘play another person’s game’,
    but to develop on their own terms, leveraging on
    their style to succeed in sales.

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    4 Session Program


    ♦ Discover your unique personality and your natural persuasion language.
    ♦ Leverage on the strengths and overcome the weakness of your selling style.
    ♦ Chart out the crucial skill sets you need to learn to become a top salesperson.


    Session 1: Introduction to Self Mastery


    ♦ Recognize the unique difference that sets top performers apart.
    ♦ Perceive the difficulty in chasing the next fad or the next guru.
    ♦ Identify the need for you to craft your own sales development path.


    Session 2: Self-Mastery Personality Test


    ♦ Take a questionnaire to determine your strengths and persuasion style.
    ♦ Do a skills survey to evaluate your current competence in selling.
    ♦ Gain insights into your own sales practice and determine your map.


    Session 3: The Four Selling Styles


    ♦ Discover the four types of selling styles.
    ♦ Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each of the four styles.
    ♦ Unearth blind spots in your sales practice and identify loopholes that hinder your success.


    Session 4: Your Professional Development Path


    ♦ Clarify your customized growth path.
    ♦ Craft your own action plans for growth and development.

  • Why Attend This Course

    ♦ Accelerate your success and shorten your learning curve by developing a plan that works.
    ♦ Stop wasting time chasing fads in sales or learning unnecessary skills that don’t work for you.
    ♦ Develop your confidence in your methods and uncover your shortest path to success.

    Delivery Methods

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    Classroom Lecture Style
    Self-Reflection Exercises
    Interactive Activities with Feedback


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    Participants will be required to submit their
    professional development action plan for
    assessment and feedback.

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