• Affluent Attraction

    A 4-Module Intermediate Live Training to Advanced Training to Engage the High Net Worth

  • Selling to the High Net Worth

    Learn how to approach, engage and persuade the affluent
    so you can seal bigger quantum deals.


    The affluent are growing in Asia.

    In fact, the
    affluent in emerging Asia is powering the global
    growth of the rich. As more of them emerge,
    the demand for expert financial advice, premium
    products and services increase.


    With the rise in
    demand, there is an opportunity for you to fill the
    growing need of this demographic. If you don’t
    grasp the opportunity, there is always a hungry
    competitor ready to do so!

    In Affluent Attraction, we equip salespeople with the indispensable skills to engage and sell to High Net Worth Individuals.

    Participants will learn how to have productive, engaging conversations that will lead to long-term, high-trust client relationships.

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    4 Session Program


    ♦ Discover the mindsets of the affluent and adapt your sales process to suit them.
    ♦ Turn any social conversation into a professional invitation for a sales appointment.
    ♦ Handle the objections held by the affluent, transform them into potential sales.


    Session 1: Engaging the Affluent


    ♦ Discover the lesser-known world of the affluent
    ♦ Define the aspiring affluent and affluent market.
    ♦ Uncover the unique mindsets of the affluent in terms of money, experiences and products.

    Session 2: The Art of Rapport Building


    ♦ Learn the art of connecting with the affluent.
    ♦ Use energy management as a tool to engage them.
    ♦ Develop your language and dialogue to stay engaged in meaningful conversations.


    Session 3: The High Net Worth Sales Conversation


    ♦ Turn a social conversation into a sales appointment.
    ♦ Leverage on closed-ended leading questions
    ♦ Use the BASE Framework to motivate your prospect finding potential solutions to previously unknown issues.


    Session 4: The Art of Objection Handling


    ♦ Anticipate potential challenges that may hinder the sale.
    ♦ Use the FACE Framework to acknowledge objections and offer alternate perspectives.
    ♦ Effectively build long-term trust with your client.

  • Why Attend This Course

    ♦ Overcome your fears and increase your confidence in engaging the High Net Worth.
    ♦ Skyrocket your income by selling high ticket products and services.
    ♦ Design an enjoyable and fulfilling sales career by selling to the affluent.

    Delivery Methods

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    Classroom Lecture Style
    Role-Play and Guided Practice
    Coaching and Feedback


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    The participants will do peer assessment in the
    various exercises during the course.

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