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    for Sales

    Essential Live Training to Accelerate Sales Growth

    To empower salespeople with the Self-Mastery Framework to accelerate their growth and professional development.


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    The Human Intelligence System

    Intermediate Live Training to Profile Clients Accurately

    Empower salespeople to adapt their selling styles to engage the client’s subconscious mind and turn prospective buyers into loyal long-term clients.


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    Swiss Knife
    Sales Crafting

    Advanced Mentoring Program for Intermediate Performers

    To mentor and handhold salespeople to create their sales framework that will engage and persuade any client.


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    Million Dollar Social Prospecting

    Essential Live Training for Intermediate Performers

    To equip salespeople with actionable insights and relevant skills on offline and online social prospecting.


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    Advanced Training for High Performers to Engage HNW

    Equip salespeople to do business with the High Net Worth with confidence and ease.


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    Kingmaker Leadership Consulting

    Comprehensive Consulting for
    Sales Managers

    To accelerate the success of sales leaders by inspiring and leading their team.


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