• The Human Intelligence System (IBF-Funded)

    A 2-Day Workshop - A Proven Profiling System to Influence, Persuade and Connect with All Types of Clients.

  • Read Your Client's Mind.

    Supercharge your Conversions.

    Discover a Unique Approach to Empower Salespeople to Increase

    their Conversion Ratio and Build Long Term Trust by Profiling their Clients.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Increased Conversion Ratios Significantly


    2. Build Effective Rapport with Different Types of Clients


    3. Understand the Client's Subconscious Criterion for Making a Purchase


    4. Deliver Sales Proposals that Target the Subconscious Mind


    5. Overcome Hidden Objections before they arise.



    Skills Gained

    Distinguish your client's type so you know

    exactly the communication style you should

    use to get your point across to them


    Get step-by-step actions to engage each of the

    four types so that the deal is almost always done


    Get acquainted with the key sales angles and

    leverage them in your presentations.



  • A Decade of Success.

    This course has been attended by more than 2,000 salespeople,

    many of whom are established in their field of Insurance, Finance, Banking and Real Estate.

  • Course Details


    About the Course

    • 2-Day Live Workshop (9 am - 5 pm)
    • Interactive Exercises and Role Plays
    • Self-Reflection Exercises
    • IBF Funded - $700 before GST and Funding
      (50% off for below 40, 70% off for above 40)


    There will be an e-assessment test at the end of Day 2 ascertain competency.

    Participants must pass the test to receive IBF Funding.

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