• The Human Intelligence System

    A 7-Module Training to Use an Ancient Profiling System to Sell and Persuade to any Type of Client.

  • A Proven Way to Profile Your Clients.

    Profile your clients in 5 minutes or less, so you know
    how to ‘speak their language’ each and every time!


    People make purchases based on their own psychology and decision-making process. ​

    These decisions are made at the subconscious level and only justified at the conscious level.


    Now, what if we could learn what makes anybody tick? What if we become aware of the subconscious triggers of our prospects and clients? That is the objective of the Human Intelligence System.


    Over 2000 years ago, scholars and philosophers uncovered the secrets of human nature and applied this knowledge in various fields of study like philosophy and medicine.

    The Human Intelligence System takes this ancient knowledge and crafts it into a modern, compelling sales system.

    It will empower you to tap on your client’s subconscious and influence them powerfully without them even knowing it.


    2-Day Live Workshop, Suggested Timing: 0930 - 1730


    Discover the four types of prospects and how they buy.

    Distinguish prospect’s psychology in less than 5 minutes after the initial interaction.

    Deliver your distinctive message and unique selling proposition.


    Session 1: Introduction to the Human Intelligence System


    ♦ Perceive need in people knowledge for success.
    ♦ Discover the art of profiling as a key skill
    ♦ Uncover the Human Intelligence System of Discover, Distinguish and Deliver.


    Session 2: 4-Types Personality Test


    ♦ Uncover what type of buyer you are.
    ♦ Learn the basics of the four types of buyers.
    ♦ Gain insights into your own buying behavior.


    Session 3: The Four Types of Prospects


    ♦ Learn about the four distinct types of prospects.
    ♦ Unearth the hidden psychology that drives them.
    ♦ Identify your clients’ profile.


    Session 4: The Art of Speed-Reading People


    ♦ Distinguish features of each type
    ♦ Practice speed-reading people
    ♦ Distinguish your client’s type in 5 minutes or less.


    Session 5: Social Media Profiling


    ♦ Decode the ‘hidden message’ that people are revealing through their social media profiles.
    ♦ Distinguish people through their social media.
    ♦ Plan and prepare meaningfully for your appointment


    Session 6: The Art of Selling to the Four Types


    ♦ Discover the true art of selling
    ♦ Customise your sales pitch according to client.
    ♦ Learn the keywords that connect and engage


    Session 7: Crafting Your Sales Message

    ♦ Grasp the art of selling with message crafting.
    ♦ Get acquainted with the key sales angles.
    ♦ Uncover the selling techniques that you have missed out on and use them to overcome your natural weaknesses in sales.

  • Why Attend This Course

    • Learn the skill that all top performers need to possess: the art of profiling people.
    • Stop wasting time and effort on the ‘numbers game’ because your skills are not adequate.
    • Develop strong long-term relationships with clients as you uncover their hidden preferences.

    Delivery Methods

    Classroom Lecture Style

    Interactive Interviews

    Self-Reflection Exercises

    Interactive Activities with Feedback


    There will be an assessment test at the end of Day 1, and submission is required at the end of Day 2 to receive feedback.

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