• Kingmaker Leadership Consulting

    Comprehensive Consulting
    for Sales Managers

  • Grow your team of Superstars.

    A 6 - 12 month long engagement to build a winning sales team.


    Many top salespeople who transit into managing salespeople discover they are completely unprepared for the challenges in store.

    Being able to sell consistently and being able to
    manage others’ sales performance are two
    different skill sets.

    What is more, as a sales leader, you now have to
    balance your time between meeting the needs of your clients and the needs of your sales team.


    For most people, this is too big a challenge to handle, and they either end up missing their personal sales targets and
    managing a mediocre team.

    In Kingmaker Leadership Consulting, we seek to empower you to become a manager that grooms superstars!

    By equipping you with the best systems,
    processes and practices, you’ll be able to
    become a highly competent manager who can
    lead, hire and coach your salespeople to become
    Superstars of selling.

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    Duration: 6 - 12 months


    ♦ Equip the sales manager with the necessary systems, processes and practice that gives you the
    ability to attract, train up and retain the best performers in sales


    Module 1: The Mindset, Heart and Practice of a Kingmaker


    ♦ Transit from salesperson to sales manager.
    ♦ Overcome pitfalls of new managers.
    ♦ Uncover your natural leadership style.
    ♦ Motivate the different types of salespeople.


    Module 2: The Big 4 of Your Sales Team


    ♦ Lead your team with high motivation.
    ♦ Give your team clarity and focus.
    ♦ Fashion a team identity with longevity.


    Module 3: Building a Winning Culture


    ♦ Build a goal-driven, values-centric culture.
    ♦ Gain active buy-in from your team.
    ♦ Create a culture of high-performance.
    ♦ Develop tools that track the right metrics.


    Module 4: Developing a Sales Support System


    ♦ Develop systems to improve efficiency.
    ♦ Enable your salespeople to focus on engaging with clients.
    ♦ Remove low-value work from salespeople.


    Module 5: Structuring Training and Development


    ♦ Create a strong on-boarding process.
    ♦ Accelerate the learning curve of any new salesperson.
    ♦ Develop a training system that attracts high-potentials.


    Module 6: Designing Marketing Systems and Brand Equity


    ♦ Establish a client-attraction platform.
    ♦ Attract high performers with a proven marketing system.
    ♦ Develop your corporate branding.

  • Why Engage Us

    ♦ A unique consulting framework for salespeople making the transition into sales management.
    ♦ Our experience and strength in leadership coaching and training will ease the transition from salesperson to sales manager.
    ♦ Our consulting frameworks have been well-researched with primary and secondary sources.

    Delivery Methods

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