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The 'Wizard' Salesperson

Discovering the Strengths and Challenges of the Wizard Salesperson

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This article is the fourth of a 4-part series about the different types of salespeople. In a world of so much information, tips and strategies about selling, it’s crucial to understand your unique shape and make-up as a person. If you can do so, you’ll be clear about how you can grow and develop, and avoid the fads and stop chasing trends that don’t make sense for yourself.

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In this section, we will be looking at the key strengths, and challenges Wizard salespeople likely will face.

Wizards have a higher proportion of people in the sales industry – mainly because they enjoy jobs that are mentally challenging and give them space to achieve. In traditional employment, Wizards’ career progression may be limited by some factors out of their control, but not in sales. In sales, they can make as much money as they set themselves out to do.


Here are some strengths of the Wizards salesperson:

  1. Framework Creation

Wizards are great at creating frameworks for everything. They can create frameworks for how to sell to different types of clients, develop frameworks for technical issues that the clients face. This strength makes them look competent in front of the clients.

After all, if you’re able to break the problem down, you’re automatically seen as an expert. With these frameworks, they can build trust with clients through this method very well.

  1. Resolute and Driven

Wizards are determined when it comes to achieving their goals. Whatever goals they have set for themselves in a particular season, in this case, for sales, they will set their hearts and minds to achieve it. They will find all the tools and help they need to get to the goals in the most pragmatic way.

These high bars that Wizards set for themselves ensure that even if they don’t hit their targets, they’re going to get pretty close. When they are resolute, they are seldom distracted by other things that the different types might get distracted by, like relationships or even changes in the business environment.

  1. Knowledgeable

Wizards are knowledge-hungry. They love to read and study on varying subjects like politics, economics, science and technology and more. Ask them about Trump, ask them about the impact on the economy with the COVID virus, they’ve got an opinion. They can make an argument from multiple perspectives – showing clients the effect on their business on various fronts. This knowledge also tends to impress prospects and point to their competence and builds trust.


Here are some of the things that hinder their success:

  1. Impersonal

Wizards love theory, they are pragmatic, but if they are unaware, they might come across as indifferent. When persuading people, they strongly believe in using objective logic to win people to make a decision. Still, not everybody always chooses the most logical choice. Most prospects want to be comfortable with the person who is selling them the product or service, not just be happy with the product. This is especially true in B2C sales, where clients only have to answer to themselves whether they want to buy or not.

Wizards should learn to be more personal and learn the nuances of person-to-person communication. They are driven, so if they see this as a weakness, they can channel their efforts and energy to grow in this area.

  1. Overloading Clients with Information

Wizards can value knowledge so much they overload the clients with data, trends, charts. They expect the client to form an independent understanding of why the product is necessary for their success. Wizards value independent thought and expect others to be so.

But more often than not, they’re going to overwhelm the client with information that either confuses them or wears them out. Unfortunately, by doing so, they often leave clients to ‘think about it’ (which they never do). These clients have no idea how to make head or tail of the information overload!

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