• You are the Explorer Type.

    Fun-Loving. Bold. Action-Oriented. Spontaneous



    You love live and love having fun. Life without pleasure is not worth living! If possible, you'd want to mix work and play together.



    You dare to take risks because you believe that life works out for you, or lady luck will shine on you. Hence, you are willing to 'give it a shot' for new experiences.



    You are a do-er - you love getting your hands wet and learn new things by doing. You find it hard to sit at any place passively to learn.



    You love taking the day as it comes - preferring not to plan ahead and keeping your options open. While work doesn't always allow that, but it's your natural mode - to live for the moment.

    Pursuing Freedom with Fun!


    Keep it Simple!

    You are turned off by lengthy sales presentations that are full of jargon. By the 5th minute, your mind is already wandering off else where and wondering when this presentation is going to end. Anyone who speaks to you needs to keep it concise, simple and get to the point quickly!




    Sensory Experiences

    You love a sensory experience any time! If you can feel the product, see it and touch it, and it gives a delightful experience, you'll be inclined to get it.


    Often, you may even get it impulsively without a second thought about other factors!

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