• You are the Healer Type.

    Empathetic. Idealistic. Passionate. Empowering



    You are a natural at practicing empathy with people. When others share their struggles with you - you find it easy to put yourself in their shoes and feel for them.



    You have a dream about what life should be like, and will align yourself with things and people that move you toward those ideals.



    You are all-in when it comes to your passion. You can enthusiastically spend hours talking about your interests, and love people that will engage you in those conversations.



    Your favorite roles involve empowering or enabling people to reach their mental, emotional and spiritual potential.

    The Healer 
    Pursuing Purpose through Impact.


    Personal Relationship

    You desire to build personal relationships with the people you do business with. To you, it's all about being authentic and genuine in our intentions with others. So you often buy products and services from friends even though you may not need the products - but just to support them.



    Future Focused

    You likely have many dreams you have with your life - life is a myriad of endless possibilities and you love just thinking about the great things you can do.


    Hence, when you purchase products and services, you often use this ideal future as a reference. If the vision makes sense, you'll want to move toward it by buying the right products or services.

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