• You are the Knight Type.

    Cautious. Protective. Traditional. Responsible.



    You are careful and cautious - and take your time to make important decisions. You are concerned that a wrong decision will lead to bad consequences.



    You are protective of those under your care. The physical well-being of your friends, family and colleagues are often at the top of your mind.  



    You are a habitual person. Once something in your life has worked, you have a strong preference to stick to what works. If something hasn't been tested before, it's likely too risky to attempt.



    You are responsible and will ensure that the tasks and duties assigned to you are done diligently and properly. When it comes to work, you are meticulous and give attention to detail.

    Pursuing Security with Certainty


    Tried and Tested

    You are a traditional purchaser, and prefer items that are tried and tested. If something has worked in the past (great food, great service), you are likely a repeat customer.


    As such, you are often a loyal client to many service providers - preferring to stick to the predictable rather than to venture out to try the new.



    Safe and Reliable

    You prefer to buy products that are safe and reliable. With investments, you tend to go for the safest options that allow you to preserve your capital.


    When you are buying consumer products, you usually go for the most reliable and value-for-money brands.

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