• You are the Wizard Type.

    Logical. Strategic. Analytical. Pragmatic.



    You prefer to use your head when making decisions. You shun away from emotional decisions, and prefer using logical frameworks to make sound decisions.



    You focus on strategy - which means having a clear, big-picture method to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.


    You think about ways and means to achieve them in the most effective and efficient way possible. You prefer thinking over doing.



    You like to sit back and analyze things. You would use available data and consider loopholes or flaws in existing frameworks, and suggest solutions to patch these issues.



    The most important thing to you is to how to get to your goals the fastest and with the least resources.

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    The Wizard 
    Pursuing Power through Knowledge.


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    Independent Analysis

    You don't like to be told what is good or not good for you. You'll like to analyze things for yourself - as such, you tend to do your own research and make decisions even before you meet a salesperson.


    By the time you do, you have already decided what you want, and the salesperson, unless they are highly competent and insightful, is unlikely able to change your decision.




    Intellectual Discussions

    You enjoy have intellectual discussions (and debates). Some salespeople may be put off by what appears to be 'objections' you are throwing at them.


    But you enjoy anyone who is willing to engage you in that conversation of the broad market trends and insights.

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